"So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” - 1 John 13:34-35

What is Chiropractic & How Can it Help?

You may be asking yourself, “what’s up with the video above?”  You see, most chiropractors offer an in office workshop to explain the valuable information that is in that video.  One of biggest complaints that I have heard over the years is that people hate being forced to attend the workshop.

Here is a bit of blunt honesty from me, I didn’t like attending or giving the workshop myself!  I have six wonderful kids and an amazing wife that require my attention after office hours and I am sure you have other obligations as well!  That is why I have placed this information on the website.  You can still gain the valuable information but when it is convenient for you.  If you are like me, you will watch it and explore the information in this website in the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping!  You can even watch the first 15 minutes and return later to watch the last 15 minutes.

Oh, by the way, Keith (the narrator of the presentation above) is not a chiropractor!  Keith Wassung is a nationally known author and speaker in the field of health education and research.  A former national drug-free weightlifting champion, Keith turned to Chiropractic health care after being diagnosed with a near fatal health condition. His recovery led him to research, write and lecture about the scientific principles of Chiropractic. 

What to Expect on Your First Visit

What to expect on your first visit to Woodstock Chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Hay

I have one purpose in my office. I facilitate the correction of vertebral subluxations because they interfere with the full expression of life by reducing the ability of the inborn wisdom of the body to coordinate function through the nerve system. You see, health has absolutely nothing to do with disease and everything to do with function. Therefore, as a chiropractor,I  facilitate the correction vertebral subluxations, not because they cause disease or are associated with any medical condition, but simply because the body works better without them. I do not claim that vertebral subluxation is the cause for any or all diseases but simply an impediment to the ongoing life process and that alone justifies their correction.

In my office I check your spine for the specific purpose of locating vertebral subluxations. Once I have located these areas of nerve interference, I then introduce a very gentle force so your body may make the correction. This correction will allow your brain to properly communicate to, control and regulate your chemical producing organs and glands. When your body chemistry is in balance, and ONLY when your body chemistry is in balance, can your body function properly. When your body functions properly it can perform the way it was designed to perform: at peak levels.

On your first visit, you will fill out a very short form informing us about your health and goals for your visit.  You will then be given a tour of the office and any questions you may have concerning our approach to your health will be answered.  I will then assess your function by using various types of chiropractic analysis.  Membership options for your case will be discussed as well as the fees involved, so you know ahead of time what is expected of you financially. After you choose a membership plan you will then receive a chiropractic adjustment.  Yes, unless there is some rare reason for not doing so, you will be adjusted and taken care of on your first visit.  This visit will take around 20 minutes.

After your adjustment I will reassess all findings and verify that your visit is complete.  I will give you information to take home explaining what to expect on your next visit.

I just want to say that I want to help you get the most out of life by removing a very negative factor that may, if left in place, robs you of the very talents, abilities, capabilities and potentials that you have been blessed with.  I want to see you be the best that you can be and get the most out of life.

In short, you will be taken care of the way I would want to be taken care of by a chiropractor.  Namely, get me in quick, don’t make me fill out 27 pages of paperwork, don’t make me watch videos in the office teaching me how to be a chiropractor… just take care of me!  Get me into a room, check me and see what you can do to help me and DO IT.  Explain what you are doing and explain your finances in a simple way that does not require me to know calculus.  Oh yeah, If I feel like you helped me and did a good job… I will decide if I want to bring my family in to see you.   I don’t want to be pressured to bring my spouse to some hour long meeting to persuade them to come in too.  Enough said!

Being a humble servant is the highest blessing I can bestow on my fellow man.   Blessings!